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Meet Don’t Quit Ambassador Kristofor Seastrom

This year, we are thrilled to have Don’t Quit Ambassadors to help spread the messaging about our nonprofit and bring mental health awareness in the community. Meet Kristofor Seastrom!

What is your name?

Kristofor Seastrom

What is your job title and place of employment?

Senior Manager for an insurance company

Tell us about yourself.

I’m a single father in my mid-40’s with two beautiful daughters. I love to instill positive habits with my children and believe athletics to be a very important one. I have always enjoyed running, as well as pretty much all other activities that pushes my body to its limits. I find it not only beneficial to my body, but primarily do it for mental health and stability.

Have you participated in the Don’t Quit Half Marathon & 5K before?


Why are you running in this year’s Don’t Quit Half Marathon & 5K?

I try to participate in 1 – 2 races per month. Sometimes there may be a couple that fall on the same day and I have to choose. This race truly stuck out to me. Not just because it’s for a great and important cause, but because it’s something I can relate to.

What does “Don’t Quit” mean to you?

Whether a loss in your family, challenging times at work, or you just feel that you’re lost and the stress/pressures of the world around you are closing in, there is always tomorrow. We weren’t put here to skate by and life is easy. I believe that we all have lessons to learn, no matter how challenging they can be. What makes us “us,” is how we elect to conquer those challenges. This can be through the support of others and can also be how we choose to bring peace of mind.

Do you have any tips for someone who may be struggling with mental health issues?

There is always someone that is in a similar, or even more challenged situation than you. Understand that you’re not alone and there is help out there. Find your outlet. Find that “something” that will promote mental health. This can be a group where others can relate (Don’t Quit). It can be taking on a new pastime or hobby that can drive you through your difficult times. For me, this is athletics and pushing my body to the brink. Triathlons, endurance running, OCR’s, and outdoor activities with my daughters are all examples of what I lean on for mental health.

What is your favorite inspirational quote that keeps you doing?

“Don’t give up; success in life is a marathon.” - Unknown

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